Leaving on a Jet Plane


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A marvelous flight from San Antonio to Madrid.  First Class with exceptional service and meals.  Ahhhhhso much champagne was consumed.  The seats converted into very comfortable beds.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Arrived at Madrid airport and quickly made our way thru customs – off in a taxi to the Hotel Coloso …….up the stairs………..down the stairs………up the stairs again, poor August, I can tell his knee is hurting.  Our room is quite large and comfortable.  Quickly we change clothes and take off into the streets.  The hotel is located in the old section of Madrid, so the most famous town square is close by.We find our destination – Botin’s, the oldest restaurant in the world!!!  But alas, it is closed.   Oh, only for another 30 minutes.  We wait outside and upon being admitted are seated int the oldest dining room……….alonne!!  Our waiter is so proper and kind and we order the cochinio al orno – a crisp baked suckling pig — oh and he is most tasty and delightful!  We both begin to all asleep during the meal and decide to take off to the hotel.  Yes, then we learn that we prepaid for the day prior!!!!!!!!!  We forgot about the time change…OMG!  Fine, we pay AGAIN and to be we go to sleep for 12 hours!

August at Botin's

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  1. All kidding aside….having read your journal on your European trip was most interesting and exciting. Thank you for sharing this, made me feel like I was there!

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