Schloss Neuschwanstein – Castle


Neuschwanstein was commenced by King Ludwig II in 1868 high above his father’s Hohenschwangau Castle in the area he knew so well, and was never actually completed.  It was his monument to the culture and kingship of the Middle Ages, which he venerated and wanted to recreate.  Designed in the medieval style but equipped with the latest technology of the day, it is one of the most famous buildings in the world and a central symbol of German idealism.  The interior features picture cycles from old Norse and chivalric legends. 

The Singers’ Hall is based on two halls in the Wartburg.

The Throne Hall, which celebrates power and authority, was inspired by Byzantine and early Christian churches.

If you plan on visiting the castle, ride up the mountain in one of the horse-drawn carriages, it is still quite a hike when you disembark the carriage and there are many, many, many staircases to climb once inside the castle. I also suggest riding down in the carriage also.

To begin the tour you must climb three flights of stairs. The interior of the castle is decorated with murals, chandeliers and even furnishings that represent the characters of Wagner’s Operas. There is even a cave created within the castle to reflect a scene from one of the operas. Poor King Ludwig II only spent 120 days in the castle before they took him away and only two floors of the castle are actually completed. Evidently it was opened to the public six weeks after his death and has been a tourist attraction ever since. Disney, of course, used the castle as the basis for creating his famous castles at the Disney theme parks. All in all it is a rather disturbing and unnerving scene, despite the majestic beauty it presents.

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  1. What gorgeous photos! I’m glad you managed to find some photos of the Castle interior since you can’t take pics inside. It looks like you visited in winter, just like I did. I found the Castle absolutely fairy tale like 🙂

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