Savannah, Georgia


Since the day “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” was published and throughout the movie ( ), I have been in LOVE with Savannah! Being an early fan I was able to meet many of the real people involved in the story and hear all the details …………. oh my, I just looooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeee Southern Intrigue! The people of Savannah are the most kind, gracious, genteel, elegant and eccentric on the third rock from the sun. I have sooooooooo many stories about Savannah, I could fill this entire blog with just those. But, as with the reason that Dorothy misses the Scarecrow the most, they would blow your mind! suffice it to say that if you have not visited Savannah and walked the parks and visited with the lovely people of this city, you have missed a wonderful, incredible, marvelous time. You MUST go to visit! I suggest the Hampton Inn in the Historic District ( ). The staff is marvelous, the hotel comfortable and fun and so well located that most things to do will not involve a car.

Our most recent trip was with our great friends, Larry and Margo, we were there for the Christmas Season. We had promised them a very interesting trip and told them to be ready to be invited into homes as we strolled the park………… wasn’t 30 minutes and a lovely lady invited us to tour her beautiful mansion and have some tea.

I tell you the people of Savannah are MARVELOUS!

We so enjoyed the fountain in Forsythe Park with the Christmas decorations.

So I find out that the most famous, lovely and wonderful Lady Chablis  ( ) is going to be performing while we are visiting. We make plans to attend, it is a fund-raising event for underprivileged children and we must bring presents for them. Off we go shopping and arrive at the club early to get a good seat……….FRONT ROW CENTER!!! I can’t wait. I have not seen Chablis in several years. Well the girl can still put on the show. We had such a grand time!

We took wonderful walks along the beach and picked up sea shells. Oh, how easy it is to get lost in this charming place. It does not take but an hour and one forgets about the rest of the world.
I love to just sit around the Waving Girl Statue and relax.

We ALWAYS go to the Pink House ( ) and sit in the basement bar and listen to the piano player. He was the piano play at Jim’s (you know the main character from “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”) parties and can tell you many a great story! The Pink House is another “must” when visiting. Make sure you go to the basement bar and have dinner there……..the piano man is wonderful!

Of course we had to run off to Hilton Head. While we were in the Pink House bar a young man began to sing and he had the voice of an angel……….turns out he was in a production of “My Fair Lady” at the theatre in Hilton Head and gave us GREAT comp tickets. We made a day of it and went to see the beautiful wet lands.


Of course we HAD to stop and eat at The Crab Shack  ( ) on Tybee Island

Well Larry and Margo fell in love with the beautiful, elegant lady of the South, Miss Savannah. I have a funny feeling we will all be going back some day!

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  2. Alas, I did not know you in Feb. 2012! Thank you for sharing it on FB. I loved the book and movie. Loved the last photo of you and Augustine! What a wonderful place to visit during the holiday season. And you have created a bit of than Southern charm in your own garden! Simply charming, Tin Man!

  3. Hi there, I’m doing some graphic design for a festival and I was wondering If I could use your image of the “bird girl sculpture” on a flyer.


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