Sonoma, California


We had a grand trip to Sonoma for a little wine tasting cruise. First we spent a few days in San Francisco in a boutique hotel complete with cabaret lounge on the first floor. What fun! We felt as if we were back in the Moulin Rouge in Paris! I know the Lion would have enjoyed this; however, he was enclosed in his enclave of leather a bit to the North…..oh well….you can’t always have the Emerald City. Okay, back to this story…..we then boarded a wonderful ship and sailed into the mouth of the Sonoma River and each day were picked up and taken to various wineries for tours and tastings. On board the ship we were treated to such wonderful events and lots and lots of wine education and tastings (and tastings and tastings and tastings and tastings), the staff was wonderful and we so enjoyed ourselves!








 Until next time…………..salute’…………prost…………..ciao!


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    • You are about to meet the Wizard and be given great and wonderful gifts. Just remember that the Tin Man is your friend and that even though you follow the Yellow Brick Road, there are poison poppies and mean apple trees that throw things…..never hesitate to ask the Tin Man the way…..I will always be your friend and do the best for you.

  1. ……the clue, my dear, lies in the golden tabernacle guarded by the flying monkies, keepers of the secret of the one who stomps with hands clenched behind back, princess of the dark forest.

    • Oh my….but you know, a dark forest princess could get swept away from the golden tabernacle, one can never rely on flying monkies…they will always fly off to the one who has
      the golden cap.

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