Spring Forward……….at my age?!!?


Spring Forward…………daylight savings time…….more sunlight in the evenings to drink wine on the deck, that’s what I say! Those poor souls in Arizona don’t know what they are missing! Even though it is always an adjustmentnt for me to let this one hour lapse from my life and try to change my circadian rhythm to mirror an artificially imposed rule, I do enjoy more sunlight, especially since I work in a place with no windows (who thought that was a good idea anyways??!!!?). Daylight savings time is not a new notion and was first discussed by Benjamin Franklin and first proposed by George Vernon Hudson in 1895. To me it means that Spring is exerting her power to once again posses us.  I must say, the Tin Man does feel the need for some oil on the joints after the dark, damp winter! 

Something is squeeking as I walk up the hills!

I have wandered about the yard (10 acres of it) today and tried to capture some of the beauty that I now get to enjoy with my extra hour of sunlight. While enjoying the photos (at least I hope you do!), please reflect on these wonderful quotes:

“I enjoy spring more than autumn now. One does, I think, as one gets older”

Virginia Woolf. Jacob’s Room

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”

Margaret Atwood

“A cynic is a man who, when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin.”

H.L. Mencken

and to follow that…………

“At my age flowers scare me.”

George Burns


Marigolds…………the Natural Pesticide
Beautiful Four Nerve Daisies
Red Bud Tree at a Distance
Peach Tree promises a Big Harvest…unless the squirrels get them again!
Mountain Laurel …….. Love the Grape Cluster Flowers
Lone Survivor from Last Year’s Drought
…..just love this color combination
Orchids Abound
The ever beautiful Larkspur
Iris in Full Bloom……original rhizomes from my Great-Great Grandmother
Pear Tree is FULL of Baby Pears
Borage for the Bees
Agave Plant………Let’s Make Some Tequila

Napping in the Sun

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    • I am soooooooo glad that we connected. My undergraduate English Professor LOVES your blog and I hope it will inspire her to start blogging. We are going to visit her in Philadelphia (Media, PA) in a few days…………….I’ll keep you posted………….and by the way…..We live in Bulverde, Texas……..get the connection……….Bul….verde (green)……yeah, I know, shallow, and not even appropriate since the town is named after a Spanish landholder …. Bulverdo…anyways……..it works for me!

  1. From top to bottom, I thoroughly enjoyed this post! It’s all about balance! Thanks for making me smile. Of course, I loved, loved your pics. Spring is just around the corner. But as a Baltimore gal, I especially loved you H. L. Mencken quote! “A cynic is a man who, when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin.” Indeed! Big hugs, Theadora Favorite shots? The Larkspur and the napping pic, of course!

    • Theadora, so good to hear from you! So funny you liked the napping photo………when I posted it I thought of you…… and yes, isn’t that the most wonderful of quotes! I hope Paris is wonderful! Thanks for liking the larkspur….it was my Mother’s favorite flower and I alway keep them growing in her honor.

      • Somehow I missed this! I loved your stories. Say, does your napping kitty have a name? Loved the stripes and the yawn. What a sweetie pie! Theadora (By the way, I always smile when I see the Tin Man’s name pop up in my inbox!)

  2. Just 2 important comments that need to be made here…

    1. The whole world should just switch to “Texas Time” it would be so much easier for me to remember as I get older with our family spread from coast to coast

    2. The flowers in your yard are making me feel like a real lazy ass….thanks for that.

  3. This is your best!!! Oh the envy riseth in my breast ( gasp). My dream– a vista such as you have. Come with ideas and shovels!
    Mary R

  4. Absolutely gorgeous pictures! Love the cactus in the tree! And the little yellow wildflowers are called Four Nerve Daisies. Spring is in the air!!

  5. Ahhh, when I lived in Az I had the hardest time remembering the time change here in Tx, was always calling my family at the wrong time….although it still takes me months to get use to the change either way.
    The cat definitly has the right idea, naps gotta love ‘m!!!!

  6. I rather enjoy the springing forward, especially as you said in the evening hours. However, the government moving up the time change a few years back has made the adjustment a jolt to the system and I somewhat wish it was still later in the year.


  7. Odocoileus virginianus! Or do we have Odocoileus texanus? I really don’t know, however that is why we have fences around the vegetable and rose gardens!

  8. Beautiful images TinMan, but you must not have a deer within 5 miles!
    Perhaps you subscribe to Robin Williams’ thoughts on Spring: “Spring is nature’s way of saying, Let’s party!”

  9. Nice post! Spring is my favorite season. I had to comment when I saw the photo of your purple Iris … you’ve got me beat. I have some treasured Irises in my flower garden, originally from my Grandmother, then in my Dad’s garden and now in mine.

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