Chichen Itza


Chichen Itza is one of the seven wonders of the world and it truly is such a wonderful and mystical place.

We visit Chichen over and over and over, never ceasing to marvel in the beauty and special qualities of this very sacred place. We have had the opportunity to observe the Spring Equinox at Chichen and felt as if the very fabric of reality was disentergrating and we were peeking into another dimension. You MUST click on “Spring Equinox at Chichen” to watch the amazing video! To watch the feathered serpent descent the pyramid is a most incredible experience.

We climbed the original pyramid inside the one you see……up the steep staircase in a tunnel that was only large enough for you to crawl and so very hot, dank and lacking of oxygen………no ventitation! Once we arrived at the top a large woman decided to pass out….what to do! She revived and scurried for the staircase to go back down…..I pity those coming up….talk about no room at the inn!!!! Once you arrive at the top of the original pyramid you find the chamber containing good ole Chac Mool…..the guy who loves to have people lie down over him and get their hearts cut out and a jaguar bench for the king to sit upon. I must say it was an incredible experience………one of those “I did it once” kind of things.

The pyramid of Kukulkan is thought to relate to the Mayan Calendar. Each of the four faces incorporates a broad, steep staircase consisting of 91 steps that ascent to the top platform. Counting the top platform as an additional step give a total of 365 steps: one step for each day of the year.

The observatory or Caracol (snail in Spanish) has an interior staircase the spirals upward like a snail’s shell. The round, concentrically-vaulted Caracol was built and re-built several times. The windows in the Caracol point in the cardinal and subcardinal directions enable the tracking of the movement of Venus, the Pleides, the sun and the moon, as well as other celestial events.

We can’t wait to go back!

Cenote, perfect for drinking water and thowing in a few people as sacrifices once in a while……..well how nice.
Standing at the edge of the Cenote
Looks like the Witch got hold of this Munchkin!
Pyramid of Kukulkan in a distance
We are in complete awe each and every time we see this great pyramid
The Pyramid of Kukulklan
Glenda ALWAYS has to make “an entrance”
Amazing Place
Dome of the Observatory
The Observatory
Look what’s for dinner!
Hurrying down the stairs of the Temple of the Warrior…..I am sure I saw Chac Mool wink at me…..gotta get out of here!
Chac Mool ….. just wating for someone’s heart
Chac Mool – Used for Sacrifices at the Temple of the Warrior
Kukulkan – Feathered Serpent Deity – glad the Wicked Witch of the West didn’t know him!!
How one pyramid was built on top of the other
The tunnel inside the pyramid! Small and Scary!!!
Wonder who all sat here!!???!
Amazing Finds
Inside the Pyramid inside the orginal Temple
Loosing my head for this place!
No NBA contract problems here
The Hoop
The Ballcourt
Spring Equinox

Munchkin Powerbeam

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  1. Beautiful pictures! It truly is a special place where you can feel the spirits everywhere – I would go love to go back! Have never been there for the equinox. i can imagine what it was like when Catherwood and Stephens saw it.

  2. This post is wonderful – learning about what wonderful sites and magical places in our world is awesome!

    Choc Chip Uru
    Latest: Lemon Polenta Raisin Cookies + Mini Berry Citrus Yoghurt Bundts

  3. Wow, reading all the information you put into your blog and the photos, I feel like I am watching the Discovery Channel on TV, except I personally know the narrator! That makes it even more special…

    Wow that beam of light, I read the attached articles about how or why it may have happened, I didn’t buy it being an Iphone glitch…………I think….hmmmm, we’re not in Kansas anymore Dorothy!

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