Baltimore, Maryland


Remember the wonderful Aztec people we visited in the rainforest?……….. NO!

Well check out Mountain Top Rain Forest, Mexico with the Aztec People.

Turns out our favorite Modern Aztec Warrior lives in Baltimore now so we went off to visit him.

The Daring - Dashing Diego

We had a marvelous visit and so enjoyed Federal Hill Park

which provided the most magnificent views of the Inner Harbor.


There be Dragons Here!

We enjoyed some great seafood at some local restaurants

Oyster Stew and Maryland Crab Soup

Crab Imperial and Green Beans

We visited the Famous Cross Street Market and Enjoyed All the Wonderful Merchants


Cream of Crab Soup

But enough of this……….the Aztec Warrior takes us off to fare more of his liking………..

A Molcajete fiery hot from the oven filled with Cactus, Shrimp, Beef, Chorizo and Chicken in a rich, thick, spicy sauce!


and a visit with Diego would not be complete without him

playing the guitar and singing his most beautiful songs to us……

…..we also took the chance to celebrate Augustine’s Birthday!!!

The food was wonderful, the sights delightful, but most of all it was so, so very incredible to see our Diego……..

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  1. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!! I’m a former Baltimore gal, so your spectacular photo series made me very homesick. Epic weepy! I used to work at the American Visionary Art Museum, located at the foot of Federal Hill for nearly a decade. I miss the joint. And the Cross Street Market! I lived in Fells Point. Did you make it to the other side of the harbor? Beautiful shots of the city and group. Dashing, indeed!! Theadora

      • Thames! Love the cobblestones, history and crab cakes. Yes, I lived on Boston Street, kitty corner to the Safeway Grocery Store. Enjoy next journey. I’m looking forward to your reports from the field. Big hugs et Bon Voyage! Theadora (Did you spot John Waters?)

  2. I certainly appreciate your happiness and joy at a wonderful reunion, complete with joyful tastes.
    But for myself, it’s long since I visited Baltimore — or for that matter, lived near the ocean. So all the seafood photos and descriptions — oh! swoon!

  3. Off to Italy, Tin Man? You should contact The Blissful Adventurer as he’s looking for guest e-writers for Italy on his site!! You’ll have great photos, too. Glad you’re feeling better!

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