Thelma & Louise at the Greek Festival – Baltimore, Maryland


On a recent trip to Baltimore, we saw a sign for the annual Greek Festival

at the Cathedral of the Annunciation in Greek Town………….

………..well we had to go, you really have no choice………………….. right?!!?

Little did we know what adventures lied in store for us….

But first, in usual Tin Man fashion, I must give you a bit of history about the Cathedral of the Annunciation…..

 ”The Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation  is a church of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.  

It is the oldest of all the 18 Greek Orthodox parishes in Maryland.


The Cathedral is an important center of History of the Greeks  and the survival of Greek culture in Baltimore, and hosts an annual Greek Food Festival.

The Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation building was constructed in 1888 (the building originally housed a Protestant congregation), however the current congregation was established in 1906 and only moved to the building in 1937.  

In 1975, the Neo-Byzantine style Cathedral was designated as the state of Maryland’s first Greek Orthodox Cathedral.

In 1992 the Cathedral received a historic designation from the Maryland Commission on Historic and Architectural Preservation.

If you have never been to a Greek Festival, please know that you will be able to find the location from about one mile away, due to the enormous racket that ensures!

This was our first Greek Festival and we were almost afraid to venture up the steps of the Cathedral to enter……………………………but enter we did.

Immediately people were shouting at us to go into the basement………okay, perhaps we were part of some ancient legend and they have awaited our arrival to complete the sacrifice….

Off we went to the basement, being slapped on the back and given clamorous and insistent encouragement….

Who awaited our arrival ……………Thelma & Louise!!!

You see they were wearing parachutes and when the car went over the abyss they jumped out and moved to Baltimore and joined the congregation of the Cathedral of the Annunciation to atone for their sins…

Thelma insisted that we sit with them (NO,……..I really mean it, she had a fierce hold of me and I do believe any attempt to break it would have resulted in bodily harm………mine!)

They were quite charming and so very gracious!  The Tin Man got misty eyed as he enjoyed the pride in their voices as they told stories of Greek Festivals past and their childhood in Greek Town.

 The food was marvelous and the company so very divine!

It is a shame that these small festivals, celebrating our heritage are dying around the country.

We had the most amazing traditional Greek wine (who knew!) Restina,

made with the resin of Pine Trees added to it…….wonderful!

If you are ever traveling and see one of these festivals in progress, I encourage you to stop and enjoy a bit of fun……..perhaps you will be lucky enough to meet some interesting people, like Thelma and Louise…

……perhaps the Greek Philosopher, Epicurus (BC 341-270) said it best:

“Not what we have But what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.”


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  1. When my family was stationed at Fort Meade, MD (I was a teenager at the time years ago) we had the opportunity to visit several of the cultural festivals that took place throughout the state (including the Greek festival in B’more). I can’t tell you how much fun it was, not to mention the food was always great! Only thing is….I wished I’d have met Thelma & Louise!! 🙂

  2. Oh, my goodness. I’m jolly green with jealousy. This is a fabulous festival. As you know, I used to live in nearby Canton and Fells Point. I’ve been looking forward to your Baltimore posts. I love, love the Thelma and Louise shot. They ARE divine !! Yes, your shots are gorgeous. Say, did anyone call you “Hon” ?! T.

    • …………call me Hon……………Hon, I thought it was my new name! Thank you Theadora! I am going to do a post on Fells Point……..just for you, next week. I thought of you the ENTIRE time we were in Baltimore and wished you were there in person with us…….because, in spirit, you were in my heart the whole time.

  3. Greek Festivals are fabulous events. Tin Man you will be happy to know that the Greek Festival in Vancouver is a huge event. Crowds of people – thousands and thousands. Consuming enormous quantities of food – enjoying the entertainment – and being Greek for a Day. What fun. V.

  4. I have Greek neighbors who have taken me to the Greek festival that their church puts on every year. Not only is the food delicious but the fun to be had is memorable.

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