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Fell’s Point is a neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland, and home to a variety of shops, restaurants, coffee bars, music stores, and over 120 pubs.  Located on the harbor and famous for its maritime past, it now boasts the greatest concentration of pubs/bars in the city.  The pubs and bars in Fell’s Point provide excellent entertainment and nightlife.  This waterfront community is a much-visited location in Baltimore.   The neighborhood has also been the home of large Polish and  Irish populations throughout its history.  In recent years a steadily increasing numbers of middle to upper middle-income residents have moved into the area, driving up property values.    Fell’s Point is one of several areas in and around Baltimore that are listed on the National Register of Historic Districts, and the first from Maryland.


In 1965, transit planners proposed to link Interstate 83|I-83 and Interstate 95 in Maryland|I-95 by building an elevated highway along the north shore of the Baltimore harbor.  This project would have entailed extensive demolition within Fell’s Point, and the highway would have cut off the remainder of the neighborhood from the waterfront.  A  revolt against the proposals was raised by local residents and derailed the project.  Fell’s Point’s addition to the National Register of Historic Places prevented the use of federal funds for the road project, and contributed to the project’s cancellation.

Barbara Milkulski

Barbara Milkulski

  One of the leaders of the revolt was Barbara Mikulski, who would go on to become a U.S. Senator.  We had the great pleasure of visiting with her at the Greek Festival in Baltimore recently.

 We love Fell’s Point and are so grateful to the marvelous Barbara for saving the place from becoming a highway! 

We found Fell’s Point from the Most Incredible Theadora whose blog is called People, Places and Bling

Now, every visit to Baltimore includes a day in Fell’s Point.

Our very favorite place to visit is The Thames Street Oyster House, small Pub located on the waterfront which provides the most delicious fare!

The Mussels are, quite frankly, the BEST I have eaten anywhere on our planet, including Belgium!

The bar is small and always full of locals eating and socializing.

The cocktails are most interesting and creative concoctions, we had the Moscow Mule………oh for YUM!

I sometimes dream of having lunch at Thames Street!

The streets of Fell’s Point are full of quaint and interesting shops…





















Even the Police Department is charming….and it was featured in “Homicide: Life on the Streets”


If you are ever in Baltimore……….go visit Fell’s Point, it is a place lost in time……

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  1. The Dynamic Duo! Theadora and Tin Man. Since these two sophisticated urbanites (to borrow a quote from the movie Blazing Saddles) entered my life it has been one long delightful adventure. My ruby slippers have worn, thin soles from tramping the streets of Paris with Theadora, and now Baltimore with Tin Man. I’m sated with oysters. and thrilled to tiny bits with popping in and out of charming shops and pubs (especially the pubs). How foolish of one to eradicate one’s past in the name of soulless progress. Thank you my beloved Tin Man for my day in Fell’s Point. As always – your Virginia

  2. Hello, favorite people! I’m late to the party. It took a little time to find my ruby slippers. And speaking of home, gosh, what a lovely celebration of Fells Point and Charm City, Hon! Your photographs of the harbor are so pretty. Do I spy blue skies? Next time I’m in town, I’ll stop by the Thames Street Oyster House and sip Moscow Mule–and think of you, of course! The police station IS pretty darn charming. In fact, it was featured in the critically acclaimed television show: Homicide: Life on the Streets. I keep clicking my heels and studying your photographs. I know exactly where are in each pic. What a treat. Across from police station, there used to be a fabulous (and tiny) arts theater. Here is where I got to see countless Jean-Luc Godard’s films. I can almost smell the seafood and popcorn now. What a gift, Monsieur Tin Man. MERCI. I’m feeling quite dreamy now. And content. Big hugs, T. (Thanks for including the historical tidbits. Fantastic post!!)

    • Oh dearest Theadora! So glad you finally made it. Those darn ruby slippers can be so troublesome to locate! So glad you enoyed the visit to Fell’s Point and thank you for eternity for telling us about it. We so love visiting there and always feel that we have traveled light years away to a very special place when there. Hugs back to you my dearest.

  3. I will put Fells Point on my list if I am ever in Baltimore. Thanks for the delightful tour. It is my kind of visit – history, food and pubs. And great photos. Thanks for taking us with you!

  4. Long long ago (before devious projects were even on the drawing board, I think) we were in Baltimore, and had steamed crabs on paper-covered tables with hammers and knives in hand. I still dream about them.
    Not to mention oysters.
    We live in landlocked western Massachusetts. In your jubilation, spare a sob for us.

    • Yes, I once had the priviledge of having those crabs on a table covered with paper ……. and I too remember it as if it were yesterday. Aren’t they the most delicatable things.!! I have returned to the landlocked Emerald City so any sobs I spare shall be for me alone!!!!!!

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