Dining in a Greenhouse


Have you ever been in a new town and just “happened” upon a magical place?

That is Styer’s Cafe at Terrain’s


We were just driving down the street in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania and wanted to purchase a plant as a gift for some friends we were visiting.  The Greenhouses caught our eye and in we drove……….

……..only to wander into one of the most amazing restaurants we have ever visited!

The bread is baked in Clay Pots!!!  It is so fresh and wonderful and served with Herb Infused  Butter

Chef Keith Rudolf uses the local harvest of farmer’s to create his incredible dishes…….

…….like the Mushroom Skillet.

The Pumpkin Latte was creamy and wonderful..

Stop the maddness……….Bread Pudding with Ice Cream……

It  is so magical to be sitting among all the beautiful plants and fountains as you dine on the culinary creations

…..and, oh yes, we did find a rhododendron for our friends which now has a home in this marvelous sitting area….

…….listening to the stories being told over glass after glass of prosecco..

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  1. It is the wonderfully unexpected that brings us the most pleasure. One goes searching for flowers and finds food. Not ordinary, not humdrum, but food taken to another level of culinary goodness.
    What joy these simple pleasures give us. A treasured experience to experience again and again in our memories. An experience The Tin Man, who is all heart, knows is something unique, a place to be shared with those who read this delightful post. She of the red shoes would quite like that bread pudding.

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  3. As you rightly point out, the magic is in the unexpected, the just-happening-upon.
    This place looks WONDERFUL, and the food (at 4:30 in the afternoon, when one is always a little bit peckish) has a great mouth feel from just looking at the photos!

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