Cupid Party


……..well as you can see from the painting…..we love to entertain…

I have the wonderful pleasure of having retired from my professional career

as a Health Care Administrator, after 35 years of service and

get to work in the field of my true passion………..the Culinary World!

I work in a retail food environment (i.e. Grocery Store) that is very innovative and trendsetting…

I am the resident Chef for my location and have a wonderfully ordained kitchen in which I get to prepare all sorts of culinary delights for customers wanted to expand their foodie interests.

Due to this I also maintain a recipe site : , should you ever be interested in checking out my creations!

I work with the most amazing group of people and so very enjoy what we bring to our customers.

Each year I throw an appreciation party for our group, this year it was the Year of the Cupid…

I ran about the house and gathered up all the Hutschenreuther Puttis I could find to create the tablescape

Just as a point of interest, the Hutschenreuther Company was founded in 1814 by Carolus Magnus Hutschenreuther in Hohenberg an der Eger, Bavaria, Germany.   He had previously worked at the Wallendorf porcelain manufactory in Lichte.   After his death in 1845, the factory was headed by his widow, Johanna Hutschenreuther, and her two sons.

From 1860, they produced hand-painted gilded porcelains, and were quite famous for the use of the Putti (my cupids).  

A large part of the factory was destroyed by a fire in 1848.

I wish the photos would show the marvelous detail of the work….We  fell in love with Hutschenreuther and have been collecting for some time..

First and foremost,  we had to pick out the wines for the eventing…

Then, of course,  have the coffee bar ready for those who may have had too much wine…

…..the house is ready for the guests to arrive…

The food is simple and easy to eat, as we plan on doing a lot of talking and mingling…

….a plate of Smoked Salmon with Creme Fraiche,  Rye and Gerkins…

…all sorts of cheese, representing the marvelous tastes of our planet…

…this is The Cupid Party, so some sweets were in order…

This Trifle is made with Triple Chocolate Cake, drenched in Godiva Chocolate Liquor, Strawberries, Vanilla Bean Custard and Fresh Cream…

….wonderful Caprese Salad, with Mozzarella Nibs….

 ……….of course the guests of honor for the evening……

a grand time was had by all ……and then at the culmination of the festivities, these wonderful people

present me with something I shall cherish for all time…

…can you believe the were able to find a Tin Man Chef!!….

….so until next year….Ciao….hmmmm…… wonder what the theme shall be..


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  1. Wine glass in hand I strolled admiringly through rooms. The kitchen first. The tile, the beautiful tile. Putti beckoned me on. Every where. Circled with lush roses. Putti beguiling me with chocolates. And, oh the trifle. Was there ever such a trifle. I nibbled on cheeses, olives and smoked salmon. I grazed on Caprese salad and lifted the lids of chafing dishes and swooned as gorgeous aromas drifted up to me. Was there ever such a night. xxoo V.

  2. Oh, thank you for sharing your feast and friends! What a wonderful evening of mingling – a grand time was had by all. How fortunate for you to retire into what you truly love. I like parties with a theme. The Tin Man award was perfect. Your home is delightful! I shall continue to follow Chef Emil…wish he were available at my local store but thanks for the recipes. You truly have a big heart.

    • Oh so nice of you to drop by and share those wonderful words! Wasn’t the Tin Man award the most amazing thing! I was so touched, I was brought to tears. Perhaps sometime when you and the husband are wandering the Hill Country, you will stop by my store and we will be able to meet. I would love that. Thank you again for your lovely words, they mean very much to me.

  3. What a wonderful way the end your lovely party…a Tin Man Award. How appropriate. I think I might have camped close to the trifle as I’m sure it was delicious.

  4. How fun! I wonder where they found that Tin Man Chef?? That’s awesome. Congrats on what looks like a very successful party. (and yes, that trifle looks so good)..

  5. Your house looks beautiful and inviting. I love the details in everything. Each piece seems to come with a story and that is the way to make a home 🙂
    I really loved the gift your team got you, special and meaningful 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful day with us

    • Sawsan, thank you for your kind words! You are correct, every item in our home has a story and is connected to an event or a travel. Wasn’t theh Tin Man Chef an amazing gift! I was so very touched. Thank you again for stopping by and for your kind words.

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