Castelo de S. Jorge – Lisboa, Portugal


The Castelo de S. Jorge is a Portuguese National Monument and sits high above Lisboa.

The Castle was built by the Moors in the mid-11th century and was the last defensive stronghold for the elite who resided on the citadel. After the first King of Portugal, Dom Afonso Henriques conquered Lisbon on October 25th, 1147, the Castelo de S. Jorge began its golden age as home for the royalty.

Once the Portuguese kings had transformed the Castelo de S. Jorge into a royal palace in the 13th century, it was chosen to receive many notable Portuguese and foreign figures, as well as hold festivities and coronations during the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries.

We so enjoyed walking the Castle grounds and the views of Lisboa were simply breathtaking!

europe2 027

I imagined all sorts of grand events being held here…

When Portugal became part of the Spanish Crown in 1580, the Castelo de S. Jorge took on a more important military purpose.

Archaeological research conducted in various areas on the grounds in the late 20th century unearthed remnants of the past which are now on exhibit in the Castle…

The grounds are so very enchanting and peaceful…

Of course all that walking about worked up an appetite..

off we went to Cervejaria Ramiro,  a most famous restaurant in Lisboa …. serving some of the most divine seafood on the planet..

Anthony Bourdain  evidently has visited Ramiros and done a piece about their marvelous food

Ramiro himself waited on us, even though the place was packed and a line over 2 blocks long was outside waiting in the rain to get a table!

I was so very impressed by his passion for service and food!  He had the servers bring us all sorts of sea creatures to look at and decide what we wanted…………they were all alive!

This was a tremendous experience!

Our First Course was Marvelous Steamed Clams……

Followed by Warm Water Lobsters……..

Followed by Giant Spider Crab……

It is traditional to have a steak sandwich for dessert………but we just could not have another morsel..

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  1. We were at this castle last April enjoying the views of Lisbon from high above the city. I can see by your photos you found it as interesting, and they remind me of what caught my eye on the grounds as well. Your restaurant experience sounds divine. I think there was much more to experience in Lisbon than we had time for.

  2. I read the title – Lisbon, Portugal. Instantly I I thought – Casablanca. Remember .. everyone was trying to get to Lisbon and then on a boat to America. What a fabulous city. AND THE FOOD. No wonder Lisbon was the chosen destination – Rick’s Cafe just couldn’t take that kind of competition. Lovely to dream photographs!! XxOo TIn Man – V.

  3. Dear Tin Man, I love your trip reports-and wow. You include it all: castles, art and food. The lighting in shots of the castle grounds is exquisite. Jotting down the restaurant name. The seafood pics are drool-worthy. Did you pick-up any new recipes? Do I spy butter? Lemon? Goodness. I now have a strong hankering for seafood and Lisbon!! T. (And YES. In Casablanca, everyone was trying to get to Lisbon!)

  4. You can most certainly blame it on jet lag, but don’t sell yourself short! Your reportings thus far have been amazing. I truly appreciate your attention to detail, and thanks for all of the pictures. I have been anticipating your travel blogs ever since you left! I’m glad you didn’t blog while you were on vacation. I know that you were spending your time wisely, but thanks so much for taking the time to take pictures (and notes??) while you were away. It seems that when you travel, you take it all in, and that’s what I love to read about, selfish as it may be. You’ve truly delivered on this one, and it makes me want to go to Portugal very, very soon. Who knows, maybe it will happen!

    • Jennifer!!! Thank you so much for those kind words!!!! You inspire me. I often wonder if my posts are boring, if I give too many facts….etc. Thank you for your feedback! I research every aspect of the place I visit and try my best to stay away from popular tourist attractions, unless they are worth visiting. We try to incorporate ourselves into the culture we are visiting and have the locals tell us where to eat, what to see and what they consider important aspects of their history and culture. It has lead to some interesting foods and amazing places!

  5. Your travel posts are never boring! You give us a sense of history combined with the modern with detailed facts, dates and photographs. And I love that you share one of the best things about traveling – local food! Thank you for sharing the travels of the Tin Man.

    • Thank you so very much! So good to see you out and about again! I think of you every day and wonder how you are. I am so very happy that you enjoy my posts. You know I started this blog as a place for friends and family to see our vacation pictures and now I have you and Virginia as great friends……….wonderful!

  6. You are so thoughtful, Emil! You knew how hungry we’d be (just like you) after touring the castle grounds. Of course digestion isn’t aided by envy, so I tried my best to set it aside, and just rejoice for you in such a wonderful visit and conclusion!
    (The castle looks lovely and peaceful now. Time lays down a beautiful quilt over events, doesn’t it?)

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