Her Magical Day


I entered the square of the Emerald City

and the trumpets were blaring as the Mayor of Munchkinland was making a proclamation



Sir Oswald and Edwin Bun along with


the fairies of the forest and the birds of the sky come to celebrate


The Goddess of the Rainbow…….The Iris Goddess

Virginia of Bel’ Occhio

Go visit her at Bel’ Occhio to share your wishes on her special day


Iris goddess of the rainbow
She paints the sky in muted tones
Colors made from her unforgotten world
Crushed jewels that she holds so close
Some say she has gone… Departed from
this world ~ But her memory stays alive and vivid in my life.
Iris goddess of the rainbow
Weeps silently ~Her liquid tears ~
repairing the damage of the previous
years of neglect ~ Pouring down in
the mist of rain from the heavens.
Where she collects… Objects that have no meaning.
No meaning for you or I for we don’t see the whole picture
We see only what is outside ~ things that we think have no significance.
Iris goddess of the rainbow
Brings magic to the skies
Refreshing and restoring everything
that was… Once so beautiful.
Iris Goddess of the rainbow.
Velvet Mist

The Stone of The Goddess of Rainbow is the peridot.


The Peridot  is said to host magical powers and healing properties to protect against nightmares and to bring the wearer power, influence, and a wonderful year.

As peridot is a gemstone that forms deep inside the Earth and brought to the surface by volcanoes, in Hawaii, peridot symbolizes the tears of Pele, the goddess of fire and volcanoes.

All of us in the Emerald City wish you the very best today and always.

Virginia of Bel’ Occhio – Goddess of the Rainbow Iris




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  1. Like?! Heck, no. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Dear Tin Man, what a beautiful tribute to our favorite goddess Virginia! Both you and Virginia have a special knack for making each and every day a magical day. Your positive energy is contagious. Gifts, I tell you. Sound the trumpets! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m very lucky to have both of you in my life. Thanks for sharing the magic and warmth. Big hugs, T. (et Bon Anniversaire, Virginia!!)

  2. The Wizard of Oz was the first colour movie I saw as a child. It influenced my life forever. My shoe closet is filled with red shoes of every type – from beaded red silk shoes from India to red stilettos from Paris. For years a series of Siamese cats were part of my life. The sight of field of red poppies filled me with joy. I have a tiny windup music box that plays Over The Rain Bow. I was in love with the tall, handsome, strong, silvery Tin Man. To my complete and utter delight, and with full knowledge of my adoring husband, I am still in love with him. XXXOO Virgina

  3. Thank you for letting us know of her birthday, Tin Man! Happy birthday, Virginia, Goddess of the Rainbow Iris! I agree with Theodora…you both bring magic to every day. I am off to visit Virginia’s blog and wish her birthday wishes.

    • Jo Nell you are so very sweet. Please take care in the horrendous heat we are having. Oh my what a rain shower would feel like! Didn’t you love Virginia’s blog entry about the house where she was born. Think of you often and sending you the very best of wishes!!!

  4. What a fabulous tribute to a lady who sounds (from her delightful blog) like a veritable Goddess of the Whimsical.
    That is where you undoubtedly both live, in the Enchanted Land of Whimsy!
    A super post!

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  6. Dear darling Tin Man. Truly the Wizard gave you the biggest heart of all. The days we spent together before my birthday were days of great joy and happiness. I couldn’t stop smiling. In all this big wide enormous world we connected and then met. Then to hear sweet August’s voice sending me birthday wishes. I was thrilled down to the toes of my ruby slippers. How can one not believe in magic!

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