Napoli – Italy


100PX-~1Naples is one of the oldest continuously-inhabited cities in the world.

Bronze Age Greek settlements were established in the Naples area in the second millennium BC.

The city was refounded as Neápolis in the sixth century BC and became a lynchpin of Magna Graecia, playing a key role in the merging of Greek culture into Roman society and eventually becoming a cultural center of the Roman Republic.

Naples remained influential after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, serving as the capital city of the Kingdom of Naples between 1282 and 1816.


 Naples became the capital of the Two Sicilies until the unification of Italy in 1861. During the Neapolitan War of 1815, Naples strongly promoted Italian unification.

Naples was the most-bombed Italian city during World War II.

As the train neared Napoli, the sights became more beautiful…

europe2 194

We had booked a room at the Hotel Mecure while we were in route…


….we never expected these views……..

europe2 188

…my goodness a Castle with excavation in progress with much older sites…..and that with just from the bathroom balcony!!!

As the sun began to set we looked down and saw this marvelous restaurant ….

europe2 191

Off we went to find some of the most delightful food…Mussels, Squid, Octopus….

europe2 189

followed by the most marvelous pizza…

europe2 190

just delightful………….

In the morning we found breakfast on the hotel roof…..

europe2 193

……we dined looking out at this marvelous view…

europe2 192

Layer upon layer of history…….

It was a short visit to Napoli this time around, but she continued to delight and inspire us.

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  1. Dropping back by to take another look at the pizza! I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since I spotted it yesterday. As always, your shots are gorgeous, Tin Man. I especially love the photograph of the castle. Talk about a room with a view! I just noticed the little meal on the breakfast table. What did they serve? T.

  2. “In Napoli beside the sea. It happened on a night like this. In Napoli – our hearts were free.” Look down again Tinnny, Across the street, just where a bit of the old cobble stones still can be seen. There, beside that rather scruffy palm tree.That’s me swaying and singing the praises of Napoli, nose pressed against the cafe window. And oh the gorgeous yeasty garlicky fragrance of the pizza. Oh, oh the feast of sea food!!! I followed you two intrepid travelers by the castle, past the row of shiny Vespas, up and down the streets until my ruby slippers begged for a glass of Prosecco. Cia darling. XXO) V.

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