Sweet Baby Vineyard – New Hampshire



We ran off to New England to catch a glimpse of the Beautiful Autumn Colors

A stop at some wineries along the way seemed a pleasant way to spend the afternoon

Sweet Baby Vineyard  is located in East Kingston, New Hampshire, near Powwow Pond

New England 022

Sweet Baby offers handcrafted quality wines that have won numerous medals in international wine competitions

All of the produce for the fruit wines comes from New Hampshire farms. 

The grapes are grown in their own vineyard and purchased from fabulous vineyards around the world. 

All of the fruits and grapes are picked at their peak and then pressed and fermented to create a truly fabulous wine. 

New England 023

Having come from a family of wine makers, I always enjoy the smell of a winery that is not overly commercial or sterile

When we entered the facility there was no one around so we made our way upstairs, past a window lined with the winning bottles…

New England 024

Upon entering the Tasting Room we were greeted by a lovely young woman and browsed among the wines to decide which ones would be in our tasting…..

New England 025

We were given such cute tasting glasses to keep as mementos, in fact they now reside in our Wine Cellar, along with a bottle of Apple – Cranberry Wine from Sweet Baby Vineyard….

Along with the Wines to Taste, we munched upon a large block of Vermont White Cheddar Cheese………pure delights…

New England 026After our Tasting we meandered about the facility, lost in the heady fragrance of fermenting fruits…

New England 027We stumbled upon a box of Peaches and two five gallon fermenting jars of Peach Wine…

New England 028

New England 029

What a lovely visit we had.  If you are ever out Leaf Peeping or just running about this area of New Hampshire, drop in.  You will have a lovely time and enjoy some great wines.


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  1. All the ingredients of an autumn picnic in a bottle of wine and a piece of cheese. How glorious to be part of this magic alchemy of wine making – capturing the essence of fruit and bottling it to enjoy far away in the Emerald City. And the name – Sweet Baby – says it all. Wine to make you smile. XX OO L & V

    • It was magic at its best, my darling. All the ingredients for a perfect getaway. This Autumn was so wonderful in New England and our timing was perfect. We so enjoyed visiting the wineries and collecting our glasses……..oh the simple foolish things in life are the best!

      • Then we are all in good company. The company of those who love the simple foolish things in life. XXOO to you Tinny and darling Augustine. L & V

  2. Now that is a name of a winery one would expect in New Hampshire. I love the labels and the tasting glasses -and the cheese. A stop at a winery is an excellent way to start any excursion.Cheers to Leaf Peeping!

    • I know, I know………I feel so badly about that. Work was so intense and I had no time for any planning……..once we were on the road, I simply could not seem to get all the facets of this trip planned properly. Please accept my apologies. We have lamented over this ever since we returned home.

      • Please don’t fret, I know how hard it is to do everything you want to while on a trip. I’ve been so close to blogging friends while in Europe but just couldn’t make it happen.

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