Adirondacks – Leaf Peeping : Saratoga – North Creek Train Trip


New England 105

We decided to venture off to New England to do some serious Leaf Peeping…

Included in that trip was a stay in the Adirondacks and a Train Ride on the Saratoga – North Creek Railway

New England 295New England 296New England 293

This train is also known as the Polar Express Train.  It is extremely popular and we booked our seats months in advance. 

We booked the Diamond Class Service, which gets you a very comfortable seat in the Glass Domed Cars and access to Full Wait Staff and Food…… know how important those two items are to The Tin Man….

New England 298

The Train Ride from Saratoga to North Creek takes about two to three hours and is an amazing adventure…

Bloody Marys and Omelets were in order…

New England 299

The Sights along the way were breathtaking…as the train traveled along the Hudson River….

New England 303

It was just marvelous to watch all the beautiful scenery go by..

New England 340 New England 321 New England 318 New England 315

The entire time the train staff was attending to our every wish and desire….

New England 380

Our visit to the Village of North Creek was quite fun……I went to the local hair salon, Trimmers, and got my hair cut while visiting with the most delightful characters…….in just one hour we had reimagined the entire town and designed all sorts of festivals!!

The train trip back was just as thrilling as the one up….

New England 370 New England 369 New England 336 New England 355 New England 354 New England 342 New England 341

Sorry for all the large pictures; however, the beauty was too great to insert small pics!

What a delight this train ride was………the day was just grand on all avenues….

New England 381

Until next time………bon voyage…..

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  1. The Tin Man knows – there is no more wonderful way to travel than by train. Romance, elegance and an opportunity to travel at a pace that allows you to become one with where you are. Train travel has it all – so I slipped into my ruby slippers Tinny and followed the two of you on this adventure along the gorgeous Hudson River. XX OO L & V

  2. Dearest Virginia, how lovely it was to have you join us on this most marvelous train trip. This was a wonderful journey, filled with charm and elegance……and it was exceptionally inexpensive also! The tickets were only $45 each person. I just loved the experience. As you know we could live on a train. I checked out the Orient Express from London to Istanbul cause we were interested in going…….$10,800 per person……too bad that would have been fun, but not at that silly price!

  3. What a delightful way to do your “peeping”. I was just telling the hubby a few days ago that I’d like to take a train trip, something I’ve never done. New England fall has been spectacular this year, but the leaves are about gone.

    • We were so lucky with the timing of our adventure and so enjoyed the colors in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont and New York. I left you a note on your blog about a train travel company we really enjoy. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your lovely note.

  4. What a wonderful train journey and the leaves are simply lovely! I’m going to have to find out more about travel by train in the U.S. – what a great way to relax and be pampered… 🙂

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