Sawyer & Co. – Austin, Texas


aaaaaaaaWell the Tin Man and his entourage were on the search for a new Foodie Venue to indulge in culinary delights..

We had heard of a new restaurant in Austin, Texas, that was getting rave reviews and much chatter….we ventured off

The food at Sawyer & Co. has been designed by Stephen Shallcross and consulting chef Happy Abdelbaki, longtime friends from Baton Rouge.

 The flavors and dishes of New Orleans  resonate in the menu choices: biscuits and pancakes with Steen’s Cane Syrup; jambalaya, gumbo, red beans and rice made with Manda’s sausage from Baton Rouge; and a po’boy bread from John Gendusa Bakery in New Orleans’ Gentilly neighborhood.

Breakfast offerings  include a rotating selection of omelets and eggs including a cheeseburger omelet and scrambled eggs with crawfish! – plus grits, Brabant potatoes, biscuits, pancakes, praline bacon, breakfast sandwiches, and tacos.

Lunch and dinner feature a daily blue plate special such as red beans and rice with cornbread, gumbo, jambalaya, roast beef with gravy and mashed potatoes – for the love of YUM

To see the MENU click HERE

The Venue is quite something in and of itself………….a 50s Diner that could be owned by the Jetsons themselves!

ipad 162

We fell in love with the place immediately……

Check out the great booths and dining stools…

ipad 164

We knew we were onto something the moment we walked in …check out the light fixtures and walls…

ipad 166

and the clock……….so cool……

ipad 167

We took a quick peek onto the Patio and it was just as incredible as the interior

ipad 169ipad 168

Astro Turf and such a fantastic environment…

To begin we had the most delightful Gumbo….rich dark and bursting with flavor….

ipad 172

……..did you notice the pork belly…….you bet…..delicious…

then, of course, the seafood platter……..

ipad 175

We finished with Key Lime Pie…..which we shared so no photo was taken because I had to fight for my bite!!!

If you are ever in Austin, Texas, check out this great food.  A bit of New Orleans Flavor with Texas Hospitality

By the time we left patrons were standing all around outside waiting for their turn at a table.

The Tin Man approves


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  1. Oh our illustrious Tin Man…You’ve tempted our pallets once more with cuisine extraordinare
    and excited us with prospective delights to look forward to enjoying at Sawyers & Co…well Austin, of course. C’est la cuisine français on the Bayou… Austin style.
    A rendezvous with friends there is now on my planner.

  2. She clicked the heels of shiny red shoes. Happy happy happy to travel back in time with her Tin Man. Pork Belly, Gumbo and Key Lime Pie OH MY!! Dynamite music on the jukebox. Chuck Berry Ray Charles. Booths. Counter stools. She joined the line-up. There’s no place the 60’s!!!

    • Yes, Virginia, the Tin Man has ventured out into the world for just a moment. This is a restaurant opened by the son of our dear friend Larry (as in here comes the Judge). We so enjoyed the Louisiana style cuisine. Thou knowest that pork belly is a most divine addition to any dish! Love you!!!

  3. Oh, I do love the look of this place! Very modern retro with those booths and dining stools. I loved those old restaurants that had them. The menu has a little of everything. Husband would want the seafood platter and share some with me. Too bad about that key lime pie but that’s what happens when you share a dessert. We will have to check it out when we are in Austin. All the best of luck to your friend!

    • Oh yes, Jo Nell, you must stop in if you are in Austin. If you do ask if Stephen is in! He would love to see that friends of the Tin Man stop by. He is the son of our friends Larry and Margo who travels often. I know you and the Good Husband would delight in the food.

  4. I love diners. I love supper clubs. What a great-looking joint, Mr. Tin Man! Does it have a history? Swanky. Swanky. I love the decor. The lighting fixtures knocked off my bobby socks. And now I’m craving a gigantic seafood platter and Key Lime Pie!

  5. Oh my. Oh my. Oh my ……. ad almost infinitum!
    You know, we cannot get any of these extraordinary items here, and my mouth is just watering for them! I could practically taste the gumbo, so dark and rich in your photograph. And pork belly! What more could a body ask for!

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