Arns Winery – Napa, California


california 305

On the Eastern Hillside of the historical city of St. Helena, tucked away in a marvelous forest lies

an absolute gem……….no I am not talking about the rusted up Tin Man!

Everything is covered with moss…….the trees….

california 297

The Ground covered with Ferns….

california 298

even the stone walls are green with tender moss….

california 299

Then we come upon it……….the Vineyard…

california 301

Don’t think you will drive up to a big chateau surrounded by tourist trappings……no

Arns Vineyard is by appointment only and it is hidden with no signs pointing the way…..

….. this is not a commercial, hyped up tourist trap….this is a vineyard

california 310

John Arns is most delightful and his passion for winemaking is very evident…

california 309

He lives in the middle of this paradise in a modest home…

california 311

He took us into his winemaking building….and the fragrances were delightful…

French Oak and Fermenting Grapes…..

california 304california 308

John poured some of the magical potion into glasses for us….

california 307

The Absolute Delight of visiting this Artist was an experience that goes beyond words…

california 303

John has a bell in the front yard with parsley growing in the container and lovely artichokes and all sorts of vegetables and flowers surrounding the house

california 302california 314

This was an experience the Tin Man shall never forget…

california 312sdc13336california 313

John Arns is one of those amazing people you meet, who are dedicated to their art and to the planet.Β 

This visit made us remember who we are and how we should be living.

Although, I will be honest, The Tin Man was a bit nervous in the forest as I remembered the time I was with Dorothy and those beastly apple trees!

wine 001

Look what made it back to the Tin Man’s Cellar……now the strength not to open it tonight!

If you are planning a trip to Napa, stop and see John….oh, you must make an appointment…

click here to do that…..CLICK

…..and be careful in that forest….I was sure I saw some of the trees looking at me!

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  1. How magical and intimate! The cottage is as enchanting as the forest. What a treasure you brought back to your cellar, Tin Man! If there had been a winery in Oz, it would have looked like this. You always find the unique and best when you travel..Cheers! Glad that you made it out of those woods safely!

    • Jo Nell……….you are so correct about this being a magical and intimate place! I was thrilled to have gotten to see it. He had to come out to the “main” road to get us as we could not find the place as the drive was tucked between bushes. It was lovely and he was such a kind and wonderful person.

  2. A winery! What a treat. What an adventure, Monsieur Tin Man! Your photographs are beautiful. So green and mossy! I absolutely love this post. Especially the self-portraits, along with the action shot of John Arns. Perfection. This place looks amazing. Dig you ring the bell? So a bottle a made it back to your cellar?
    Pretty wine glass basket!
    (I also love films about wineries. Eric Romer’s An Autumn’s Tale is a favorite.)

    • Oh, Theadora. Thank you so much for your lovely comments! This was quite the amazing visit to a true winemaker, who produces fantastic wines. Have you ever seen the movie The Vintner’s Luck? I just loved it …..very surrealistic and romantic on many levels. So sorry our beautiful Baltimore is suffering so right now. Hopefully the wounds will heal and the beautiful city will become better from this frightful experience. Much love to you! Tinny

      • Thanks for the film recommendation! How did I miss this? Amazon has a copy. Vera Farmiga was wonderful in Up in the Air. I’m looking forward to seeing it!
        Big Hugs!
        (And thank you for sending positive thoughts to our city Baltimore. Charm City will heal. Charm City will heal. One Baltimore.)

  3. Hi Tinman: sorry to miss your visit to ARNS. It is truly an enchanting place and yes, the trees have eyes and ears… glad you noticed. I hope to really meet you one day and thank you for taking the time out to visit our little slice of heaven. thank you for the beautiful and memorable photo’s and kind comments. Being happy is our motto.

    Sandi Belcher Arns, Owner/Winemaker Arns Napa Valley

    • Oh, how very lovely of you to stop by and visit! We had such a grand time at Arns, you have created such a marvelous environment. The wine is quit amazing and shall be enjoyed with great gusto back here in the Emerald City. Hope to come and see you again soon!

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