Napa – California


california 191

Our Journey into Napa was looking to be a great Wine and Food Delight!

california 214

We ventured into downtown Napa and found the architecture to be quite charming….

california 189

Gold and silver may have been behind the hordes that flocked in the 1800s

But liquid gold – Chardonnays, Cabernet Sauvignons and Pinot Noirs – is behind the modern migration

Our drive into Napa took us past many wonderful vistas of vineyards …..

california 248california 295california 246

We had to stop and get some fresh cherries as a snack….

california 249

I guess Google found out that the Tin Man was in town and wanted to get a few street shots…..

california 252

Once we arrived in Napa, our exploration began……

california 213

Off across the First Street Bridge ……away from the touristy, packed downtown area…

california 212

We stopped at a marvelous Olive Oil Shoppe along the way….so many flavors and delights to taste….

california 195

The Tin Man took home a bottle of Basil infused and Chocolate infused Olive Oil….oh delights….

The Shop Owner was a great foodie and sent us off to the Oxbow Market…..

The Market has a commitment to the unique character, spirit and content of the Public Market not only as a place to display and sell organic and/or sustainably-produced local crops, other regional specialties, and other high quality and unique food products, but also as a place that actively supports sustainable and organic farming practices, owner-operated businesses, local food producers and the agricultural community of the Napa Valley and surrounding regions…

california 210california 209california 203california 200california 198california 197

Just standing and looking down the market makes you swoon with delight….

california 196

Okay……..okay………..okay…..We made it all the way to the end of the Market and stumbled upon…..Hog Island Oyster Company

california 199

california 201

We were immediately invited to sit out on the deck OVERLOOKING THE NAPA RIVER!!!!!

What a delight ……………wow…..everyone was so delightful and friendly….

We began with some wine……..of course and the delightful bread….

california 206

We ordered Steamers and Clam Chowder…..expecting the usual fare….OMG….look what arrived….

california 207

We can testify that these were the best clam dishes we had ever eaten anywhere on this planet!

The Saffron filled the air with its marvelous fragrance….

But, alas……it was time to venture on…leaving Napa behind us….

california 194

What a delightful day……as we were sitting on the deck we saw the Wine Train pull up to the station…..

….oh yes, we will be riding on that baby…stay tuned for that story….






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  1. Isn’t downtown Napa a delight? We missed Oxbow Market but the Tin Man always finds the best treasures as he follows the yellow brick road You look like some Hollywood producer by that car! I assume there were not signs of the earthquake that hit that area a year or so ago. Delightful post! And the food – bread, wine and butter! I can almost taste it. Until next time…cheers!

    • Oh, Jo Nell…… are sooooo sweet! The devastation from the earthquake was everywhere!!! so many places still not open or being completely rebuilt. Almost every single place we saw had some sort of damage to the building remaining. Scaffolding was everywhere. The Oxbow Market is out of the main downtown area and across the bridge…..the guy at the oil shop told us we “had” to go and I am so very glad he did. Thanks for the nice note!

  2. Dorothy unceremoniously tipped her little dog out of the wicker basket. “Sorry Toto, but I need this basket”, she said. Slipping into the ruby slippers she clicked her heels four times for Napa (three times were for Kansas), and before you could say chardonnay she was hot on the heels of The Tin Man and his jolly side-kick Augustine. “Oh what joy!! Oh my the wine oh the wine, and the bread and the oysters. May this glorious day never end”, she cried. “There’s no place like home – unless it’s libations beside the Napa River.”

  3. Cherries. Clam Chowder. Cheese. Hog Island. I’d be in Hog Heaven! I love each and every shot, Monsieur Tin Man. Not a dud in the batch, from top to bottom. So Google found one of your Yellow Brick Roads.

    Chocolate-infused olive oil? I’m intrigued. Have you used it? How will you use it? Did you buy any other treasures?

    Safe Travels!

    • Oh Theadora! The Chocolate Olive Oil with cheese is simply amazing……….especially if accompanied by a lovely, spicy Pinot Noir or a fine Tempranillo from Spain……..stunning! We did not buy many goodies along the way as we have reached an age of not wanting to schlep anything…..hahahah………when we are in Europe, we throw away most of our clothing along the way.

      • Yes! I also despise heavy suitcases. Sometimes I arrive at a destination with an empty suitcase, and then fill it with souvenir-worthy garb along the way. I’m now off to board your swanky Napa Train! (What a fabulous trip!)
        Safe travels,

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