Her Magical Day


Tales and Travels of the Tinman

I entered the square of the Emerald City

and the trumpets were blaring as the Mayor of Munchkinland was making a proclamation



Sir Oswald and Edwin Bun along with


the fairies of the forest and the birds of the sky come to celebrate


The Goddess of the Rainbow…….The Iris Goddess

Virginia of Bel’ Occhio

Go visit her at Bel’ Occhio to share your wishes on her special day


Iris goddess of the rainbow
She paints the sky in muted tones
Colors made from her unforgotten world
Crushed jewels that she holds so close
Some say she has gone… Departed from
this world ~ But her memory stays alive and vivid in my life.
Iris goddess of the rainbow
Weeps silently ~Her liquid tears ~
repairing the damage of the previous
years of neglect ~ Pouring down in
the mist of rain from the…

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