Mille Fiori – Chihuly Exhibit – Seattle – Washington


Canada 349

While trekking through the Emerald City, Seattle, Washington, we decided to visit the Mille Fiori Exhibit by Chihuly. Mille Fiori, Italian for a thousand flowers, is an exhibit in which Chiluly assembles gardens of glass that include many of his series of works. First exhibited in 2003 at the Tacoma Art Museum, the techniques used to create the Fiori rely less on tools and more on the use of fire, gravity and centrifugal force. The artist has said that memories of his mother’s garden serve as inspiration for these “gardens of glass.”

Canada 338

Upon arriving at the Exhibit Entrance, neatly tucked under the Space Needle….

Canada 274Canada 273

….. one is greeted by delightful flowers…

Canada 277Canada 350

……taking its cues from the light and architecture of the museum’s largest gallery designed by acclaimed architect Antoine Predock. Like the large, sculptural work Chihuly has installed throughout the world, this work is specific to the building and far different from all previous work.

Canada 352Canada 320The blending of the art glass with plants and flowers in the garden was breathtaking…..

Canada 340Canada 347Canada 346Canada 334Canada 333Canada 332Canada 331Canada 327Canada 325Canada 323Canada 321

A Beautiful and Restful Café allows guest to relax in the shade while enjoying the beauty that surrounds them…

Canada 339

Then the Magnificent Exhibit within the Hall itself………..stunning ……..

Canada 306Canada 299Canada 297Canada 296Canada 295Canada 294Canada 293Canada 290Canada 286Canada 285Canada 284Canada 283Canada 279Canada 278


Canada 276

Somewhere………….over the Rainbow…. 

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  1. I am pea green with envy Tiny. I am so mad for Chihuly’s work I watch reruns of Fraser so I can admire the gorgeous piece they have used as part of the deco for the living room. You have captured his glittering creations in the most magnificent manner. What a wonderful way to end your 65th Birthday road trip. XXxOOO L & V

  2. Just fantastic, thanks so much for sharing. Perhaps a strong Kansas wind will crarry Me forth…. Sent from

    Me for _____________________________

  3. Dear Monsieur Tin Man, From top to bottom, your photographs are beauties. Not a dud in the batch. I especially love the outdoor garden shots. The sky is so blue. The colors really pop. Years ago, I got to see a Chihuly exhibition at the Baltimore Museum of Art. In my collection, I have a few documentaries about his work process. Fascinating! (Did you stop in the cafe?!)
    Thanks for the retreat!!
    (I also love the bottom reflection shot.)

  4. We’ve missed you! Your photos of the Chihuly are terrific…thanks for sharing. The sculptures certainly can brighten up Seattle on its many grey days.

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