Pike Place Market – Seattle – Washington


Canada 060

………and so the journey began…off to the Emerald City

It had been years since the Tin Man had ventured to one of his favorite cities, The Emerald City : Seattle

Canada 271

 We found a most interesting hotel……The Arctic Club…

The site of the Arctic building was originally owned by Joseph R. Lewis, the Chief Justice of Washington Territory and a direct descendant of George Washington‘s sister Betty.

The home he built on the site in 1875 was considered one of the finest in Seattle at the time. The house was replaced in 1892 by the three-story, brick Seattle Theatre, designed by the firm of Saunders and Lawton.

The newly formed Rainier Club occupied the office portion of the building until it and the theater were replaced by the Arctic Club Building in 1916.

Canada 013

The Arctic Club was formed in 1908 by successful veterans of the Klondike Gold Rush.

The existing Alaska Club was merged that year into the Arctic Club. In Seattle, it was a fraternal men’s club for businessmen with Gold Rush or Alaska connections.

Upon arrival we were greeted by a lovely welcoming Cheese and Fruit Tray….perfect after a long day of travel…

Canada 014

The Accommodations were very masculine and warm…the hotel had an old world charm.

Canada 012

Canada 011
Canada 015The Northern Lights Room is over 100 years old and features a domed, stained glass ceiling that uses natural light to showcase the beautiful stained glass …

Canada 023Canada 024

A nice walk along the waterfront to Pike Place Market..

Canada 027

Canada 028Canada 031Canada 033Canada 026Canada 025Canada 029

Canada 034

YAY…….arrived at Pike Place Market…….

Canada 036

It has been a while since Tin Man visited and he was quite disappointed to see that the market and his favorite surrounding fooderies have become so commercialized….the hometown feel is gone…..but it was nice remembering the good ole days….

  Canada 058 Canada 056 Canada 055 Canada 054 Canada 053 Canada 052 Canada 051 Canada 047 Canada 046

An old time favorite….used to be called the Russian Bakery now……Piroshky, Piroshky…

Canada 039

A long line with que out in the street……this once unknown now a tourist destination…the fare much smaller and not as delightful…

Canada 042Canada 040Canada 045

Oh well……….it was still fun……..and then the Turkish Delight Shoppe……oh…closed today….oh well…

Canada 038

Even the Emerald City has changed…….time to sit for some Gelato….

Canada 066Cantaloupe, Pleeeeaaasssseeeee….

Canada 062

Back to The Arctic Club to Club Juno for a nice dinner and some chardonnay…. 

Canada 017

Canada 018

All though things have changed and Tin Man missed the simpler times, it was a lovely visit

Canada 030

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  1. What a treat to see the Tin Man back in The Emerald City! I like the masculine look of the hotel and can forgive the club/building its past of probably excluding women. The photos are outstanding – like the softened edges on some of them. Yes, it is sad when we revisit a place and see that it has changed but a little chardonnay helps ease the loss. I am glad to see you posting and sharing your journey!

    • Thank you, my dear. Yes it is good to be back in blogland. You are perfectly correct that chardonnay does ease the loss. This was a grand loss so several bottles were necessary and we are still maintaining a maintenance dose………lol. Hope all is well with you!!

  2. The Arctic Club made the journey into the past all worth while. In this world of cookie cutter almost everything we yearn for the quiet, the quality, the clarity of a place like this. When fleets of hotels are so alike you have no idea if you are in Tokyo, London or Atlanta something as original as The Arctic Club will remain forever in your memory. Like The Tin Man it has heart!

      • Lar has just asked me to ask you about watermelon seeds, He is obsessed about planting watermelon that tastes like watermelon use to… you know with lots of seeds and even more flavour. Stay dry dear friends. Run between the drops. It works for me. XXOO L & V

  3. Dear Monsieur Tin Man, Again, I am GREEN with envy. Historic markets. Old hotels. The perfect day, in my book. Your shots are wonderful, as always. Where’s the Tin Man? Well, there he is by Gelato! Perfection. You look so happy. The Northern Lights room is amazing. I like the little room under the clock. Any old concierge desk? Any interesting architectural traces in the lobby? Elevator? (I also love the wallpaper.) What fun.


    • Dearest Theadora………so nice that you always come to visit and have the most beautiful words. You lift my spirits!! The Northern Lights Room was quite amazing and the photographs do it little justice. The little room under the clock looked as if it was a coat check station or a concierge or ticket station. Reminded me of the old train station in Toledo, Spain. The entire hotel was a treasure trove of surprises from the past. Just Delightful at every turn.

  4. My accommodations were not so luxurious as I stayed with my cousin. It is sad when the changes erode the old charms. Of all the cities in the entire Country, I would say Seattle is probably #2 on my list. Like Bennet and others, my heart remains in the city by the bay…

    Alas, I have traded those shores for my new life along The Mediterranean and would not trade it for the world. However, there is much more to France that beckons. 🙂 Léa

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