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Useless Information


Thought it might be fun to review these facts, useless as they may be….

……you never know when you might be on Jeopardy and need to know……

Adults spend an average of 16 times as many hours selecting clothes (145.6 hours a year)

as they do on planning their retirement

Per capita, it is safer to live in New York City than it is to live in Pine Bluff, Arkansas

In 1996, Americans bought only 12 inches of dental floss per capita

In 1915, the average annual family income in the United States was $687 a year

In 1990 there were about 15,000 vacuum cleaner related accidents in the United States

Over 15 billion prizes have been given away in Cracker Jacks boxes

There are more telephones than people in Washington D.C.

Chocolate Manufacturers use 40 percent of the world’s almonds

More than a third of all adults hit their alarm clock’s “snooze” button each morning,

an average of three times before they get up. 

Spaghetti is the favorite pasta shape, with 38 percent favoring it over other pasta shapes.

According to a major hotel chain, approximately the same numbers of men and women are locked out of their rooms. 

32 percent are less than fully dressed.

Nearly 87 percent of the 103 people polled in 1977 were unable to identify correctly an unlabeled copy of

the Declaration of Independence.

Cold pizza is fairly popular.  A survey found 15 percent actually prefer pizza this way.

By the end of the U.S. Civil War, 33 percent of all U.S. paper currency in circulation was counterfeit.

According to one U.S. study, about 25 percent of all adolescent and adult males never use deodorant.

Most humans can guess someone’s sex with 95 percent accuracy just by smelling their breath.

In 1995, each American used an annual average of 731 pounds of paper,

more than double the amount used in the 1980s. 

Contrary to predictions that computers would displace paper, consumption is growing.