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Verona, Italy


The beautiful city of Verona, setting for the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet is a jewel in the crown of the beautiful place called Italy.

From the majestic churches to the Roman arena, Verona has it all.

Verona lies about two hours from Milan and Venice. Verona is the City of Romance and Love. Unlike many large cities in Italy, Verona offers an easy-going pace and feel. Ancient Romans used Verona as a resting place before crossing the Alps and therefore the city is brimming with Roman ruins. Of course, the most famous of reflections upon Verona was begun by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

 The famous balcony of Juliet is a must when visiting Verona. Her bronze statue stands silently below the balcony and visitors caress her right breast to ensure that they will find true love.











Of course Romeo had a balcony too……. it is not as visited or sought after as that of the fair Juliet.












Strolling about Verona is a wonderful experience. Everyone ends up in Piazza Erbe, Verona’s market square, where vendors come to sell their wares in a place that was once a forum in Roman times.



 When exiting the courtyard of Juliet’s home, The Tin Man wrote a message on the wall. When you visit Verona see if you can find it. The Scarecrow’s secret will be revealed!