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Corsini Biscotti – Grosetto, Italy


This story begins like any other on this Culinary tour of Tuscany………..a peaceful drive through Eden!  Casteldelpiano (castle of the piano………wow)  lies on the top of Mount Amiata overlooking the Tuscan Maremma Valley.  The location of the magical bakers of the Corsini Family and their delectable Biscotti and other treasures. http://www.corsinibiscotti.com/ 

For three generations the Corsini family has been involved in the production of the most beautiful and fragrant baked goods. The story begins with Corrano, the most famous baker of Mount Amiata.

Today the company is headed by Ubaldo Corsini and his sons: Corrado, Andrea, Roberto and Gianluc. They are all as warm and embracing as the beautiful pastries they create. Here is one of the sons showing us the yeast Mother that they have carried forth since 1921 and who they treasure as the center of the Corsini family, as it is this yeast Mother who is infused into all of the wonderful creations that come from these ovens to grace homes around the world.

We are given a tour of the incredible factory, where every cookie, cake and delight is hand wrapped and packaged. Everyone working there had a tremendous smile on their face.

The day ends in the Pasticcerria – Cafetteria – Dolci e Biscotti of the Corsini Family where we are treated to a most astounding array of delights. What lovely people…..no wonder their products are so delightful; they are crafted from the heart by these engaging and passionate people.