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Ecatepec, Mexico


We went to visit Diego in Ecatepec, Mexico and stayed at the beautiful La Fiesta Hotel

All of you who know Diego, know what a loving and wonderful person he is. So this was not just a visit…..Diego had planned a huge party……….of course!

He met us at the hotel in his blue bug…………I loved it!

We spent most of our time at his sister Irma’s home high on the hillside overlooking the city.











We ran about in his blue bug and visited some of the sights.










Then it was time for the big party!! and BIG party it was…we ate, drank and mostly sang and danced the afternoon and night away!










The evening ended with Diego presenting us a beautiful flower arrangement. What a wonderful person he is!




Matlapa, Mexico


We had such a grand time visiting Matlapa located in the state of San Luis Potosi!

San Luis Potosi is named for King Louis IX of France and is also known as San Luis Rey de Francia

We went to visit our adopted son Diego and his daughter, Leslie.   He promised a fun time at the markets, restaurants and of course soccer games! He did not disappoint us.

We began with the soccer tournament. The Mexicans and Europeans are very serious about their sport. We had to arrive early and were given instructions on which teams to support and which ones not to support. As with any sporting event, the snacks were wonderful. We had the most wonderful fried wheat breads with hot and fiery sauce. The drinks were served in plastic bags with a straw protruding from the top. What a grand time.

We were so proud of our Diego, the team captain!












Diego’s nephew, Juan Carlos, carried the team banner.

After the games it was off to the center of the city to the open air market. I LOVE markets in Mexico with all the exotic fruits, spices, chiles and the lively and engaging vendors.

Of course the evening was spent singing, dancing and eating. Never a dull moment when Diego is around with his guitar!