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Leap Year – Dinner on the Deck


Who would believe that we had 80 degree weather today. Elmer felt that it was time to harvest one of the cauliflower so off to the garden we went. With the weather so beautiful we spent the evening on the deck listening to the water fall and grilling a beautiful steak and our cauliflower harvest. We love to eat the cauliflower greens. We had a marvelous evening having dinner outside (again I must say……..IN FEBRUARY!!!!) and watching our glorious roadrunner come and show us his latest catch………a SNAKE! The ducks flew overhead, migrating back. WOW this is a strange winter. What a wonderful evening, and the sunset was tremendous. I took many, many pictures of it, but will not bore you with them all…………just one! Hoping you had a marvelous day also!

The Garden Gate
Elmer with cauliflower Harvest……yummy
Steak with Garden Goodies
Wine Before Dinner
Listening to the Water Fall
Sunset ……….time to go in

Bountiful Harvest – The Garden in February



We garden year round and have had the most severe drought last Summer with over a month of temperatures over 100 degrees and absolutely no rain.  The National Weather Service considered our area in a CRITICAL drought!  Our poor garden was frying.  The vegetables actually cooked right on the bushes.  Elmer watches over the garden and worked and worked to keep it alive, along with his helpers! 


 Well his efforts paid off we are still eating the wonderful squash, onions and sweet potatoes from last year’s harvest!









Now we are enjoying fresh brocoli, cauliflower, fennel, kale, asparagus and lots of wonderful German lettuce!









The flowers are all a bloom! Even the Redbud trees are budding…….a sure sign of Spring…….in February! I fear a big freeze will come and slap all these optimistic plants upside the head.











The Chili Pequin continues to bear fruit all through this winter! He is determined to out live any frost, drought or wimpy gringo!

……and of course, the Lady Rosemary continues to flourish under any circumstance….

The Borage is full of bees. We always keep this wonderful, watermelon flavored herb all over the garden for the pleasure of our wonderful bees, who keep our earth alive.