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Linderhof – Residence of King Ludwig II


Poor King Ludwig II was born long past his time, as he truly wanted to be a King of the old world.  Creating his castles was a way of creating that reality.  He was removed from the throne and declared insane; on that very same day he was found drowned in a lake with his psychiatrist…………oh yeah, that was an accident.

The beautiful Linderhof, called a castle by many, was actually King Ludwig’s residence. It was a place he would escape from the world into his beautiful fantasy. What a wonderful place it is with magnificent fountains and breathtaking grounds. His dining table was designed so that it could be lowered into the kitchen and set with utensils and food and then raised back up so that he king would not have to be bothered with commoners fluttering about.

A marvelous structure it is, the mirrors of 12 feet in height were framed in Meissen porcelain and some of the chandeliers were also of the same stunning porcelain. The “Hall of Mirrors” was truly stunning with two large mirrors facing each other and giving the viewer an impression of an endless hallway of mirrors — stunning!






The weather is below freezing and we are walking in the mountains covered in snow — then suddenly it begins to sleet and snow very heavily — how marvelous! We are cold, but so enjoying this wonderful experience. We are deep into the Bavarian forest standing before the residence of King Ludwig II, surrounded by snow-covered alps and we a getting covered in it — In May when our poor Texas is parched!