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Birthday of the Equestrian Wizard


Remember when the Great Wizard of Oz mentioned that he hobnobbed with other great wizards? Well last night we celebrated the birthday of one of those great wizards. Our dear friends, Larry and Margo came over for dinner so that we could honor the great Equestrian Wizard Lawrence Butler Shallcross www.lbshallcross.com and his lovely wife Margo Smith Shallcross http://www.gypsyhorseregistryofamerica.org/CMS/carded-judges-directory/54-carded-judges/32-margo-smith-shallcross. They are most delightful and dear friends……see post for Savanna, Georgia for pics and notes of one of our fun trips. We consider them part of the American Royalty due to the fact that Larry is the descendent¬†of Eleanor Parke Custis Lewis (Nelly Washington) who was raised by George and Martha Washington as their daughter, even though she was really the granddaughter of Martha (George and Martha never had their own children). In fact one year while we are at their home celebrating our Nation’s Independence Day, Margo produced the “Lord’s Prayer” on parchment in a beautiful frame that once belonged to George Washington and sat on his bedside………WOW!

Margo is President of the board of Region Nine of the Arabian Horse Association http://region9aha.org/ and was the trainer of “The Black Stallion” ………… see what I mean about American Royalty!

Our lives are so much richer having them as friends and we so enjoy our escapades together.

August prepared the evening by gathering fresh herbs from the garden to create a marvelous curry for the lamb, which was served on a bed of Jasmine Rice with fresh Mint. Oh My………..the house smelled so divine!

We had some wonderful wines from the wine cellar and so enjoyed our delightful dinner.

Afterwards we made some yummy cappuccino and at the wonderful Wizard Cake topped with Fresh Fruit. It was a most special and delightful evening…………



Selecting the Perfect Wines
The Dearest of Friends

Beautiful Table – Wonderful Food
Delicious Curried Lamb with Fresh Mint
The marvelous Nescafe Dolce Gusto Machine
Making a Fresh Cappuchino
Wizard Cake topped with Fresh Fruit
Happy Birthday to You