There are many things about OZ that most of you do not know.  One is that the Wicked Witch of the West did not die………..she lives in the house at the bottom of the hill.  The nice thing is that the flying monkeys are now my friends and continue to seek revenge upon her on a daily basis.  Glenda and Dorothy had a big thing for each other and ended up living in Vermont as soon as Howard Dean instituted the Civil Union.  They are very happy and now spend their days bottling maple syrup from the trees on their property.  When Dorothy told the Scarecrow that she would miss him most of all…….I know why…..but I promised to never tell.  It would blow your mind.

The Lion may have been cowardly but after that fat man behind the curtain gave him a medal he started his life of leather.  He now lives in San Francisco in a leather commune and ain’t scared of nothin’.  In fact last time I went to visit he scared me just a bit.

The fat man behind the curtain (i.e. the Wizard) was really Truman Capote.  The munchkins are really the descendants of the original inhabitants of Earth.  The rest of us are transplants from another galaxy, our home planet having died at the hands of our ancestors due to severe abuse………..looks like we did not learn much from that lesson.

Well, I learned a few lessons in Oz and can tell you that I am among the few who have witnessed Glenda and Dorothy exchanging their vows and in the same evening watched Xena and Gabriella profess their love for each other.  I saw the Scarecrow show off the reason Dorothy missed him the most and watched as Clinton cloned Monicas. 

It was a long evening.

I hope you enjoy the Tin Man’s stories and exploits since Oz.

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    • The writer gained his insight and passion for the written word from a most beautiful and charming princess who cast a spell upon him that continues to this day. The most Magnificent Magical Marvelous Mary, Princess of the Outer Realm, Holder of the Keys to the Crystal Tabernacle!

      • She has also proclaimed herself to be the Goddess of Sweet Potatoes and Rescued Animals. Her groupies now include only Lilly Ann Richards and Sir Winston Churchill. Abigail Adams took her last nap in Septber, 2011.

  1. I love it! Very clever! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog … I hope you love the recipes! And … thanks for the smiles while reading your posts this morning. Have a great day!

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  3. Hello, Tales and Travels of the Tinman! Wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. It will go live today in about two hours. Thanks again for reading my posts, too. Cheers!

  4. Hey, we’re using the same theme! We have something in common 🙂 Why was I here again? (Picture of tinman is distracting) Oh yeah! I just thought I should drop by and thank you for liking my food, sewing and drawing posts. And I’m glad I did ‘cos I now know of this funky blog’s existence. Loved the idea and will definitely come back for more 🙂


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  7. Oh, My! So much to read on your blog. . . it’s great. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post on Pienza and my receipe from Liguria. I hope you will be back. I will!

  8. Seventy years of reading Oz books, watching the film, always wearing red shoes and NEVER once looked sideways at Scarecrow. My fav movie has taken on a whole new persona. Bravo. Virginia

  9. Hi! I’ve nominated you for THE WONDERFUL TEAM MEMBER READERSHIP AWARD. You can read about this great award on my blog I’m nominating the blogs I thought deserved it, I do out of respect. It’s because I love how they always interact with other bloggers. Reading and commenting. They in my humble opinion represent the bloggers who support other bloggers in the best way! It is no way because I want to spam my blog, or get new readers. I really only want to honor other bloggers! Please don’t feel you are any way obligated in following the rules or doing anything other than accepting. thanks!

  10. Oh, thank you, Tin Man, for seeking me out! In the past weeks I have had to face and overcome some health issues. On May 11 I had surgery in San Antonio (Methodist Stone Oak Hospital). It was to be a one night stay but there were complications and I was in ICU for three nights and then one night in a regular room before coming home. I am doing much better now and am able to walk…slowly…for thirty minutes. There will be some follow-up preventive treatment but I hope to be done by sometime in July. I have always enjoyed good health and have never had surgery before so this was all new for me. Husband took good care of me.

    I meant to post something about being away but I just didn’t seem to know what to say. You and Virginia have given me the courage to get back to my blog. I have only been back online for a couple of days so it was a great surprise to hear from both of you. I look forward to reading all about your trip! Funny, we had planned on going to the Hill Country in June for wine and peaches, but with the medical trips to northern SA recently we will probably not go this year. (We were in SA last Friday for a follow-up visit when the rain hit and much of 281 was closed but made it safely home.) Our HEB has an excellent selection of Texas wine and usually some Texas peaches. I am still reading “The Orientalist.” Take care and than you for being a friend!

  11. Thank you again, Tin Man! I know I shall be fine with friends like you and Virginia. Stone Oak is a really first class facility and all the staff was great. How funny that you have been there too! I hope all continues to go well with you. Thanks for the offer to assist. My follow-up treatment will be here in CC which will make it easier as it is about a 2 1/2 drive for us to SA. Take care – cheers!

  12. Thank you for offering to send the Flying Monkeys out to look for me! I am fine but just have not been posting very much lately. The cold winter did not inspire me but I hope to do better with the warmer weather or rather hot as we have not had much spring. But my herbs are loving the weather though I lavished all my rain water on them already. This weekend we are taking daughter and grandson to Houston to celebrate her 50th birthday. Our son lives there so he will join us. I will have all my chicks together! Husband too. Sunday we will go to the Houston Museum of Natural History to view the Magna Carta exhibit. We may all never get back to England together so this will have to suffice. You have a great trip!!!

  13. The funniest! And the wittiest!
    I love the idea of the Tin Man in the leather world — scarin’ even YOU!
    And of course Truman Capote was the man behind the curtain. Why didn’t I realize that?
    May your oil cans always be full!
    Love and all that other good stuff —

  14. Leaf peepers! That sound like something from the Land of Oz. With all those glorious fall colors it must have seemed like Oz in technicolor.. I am so thankful to hear that you are safely back home from a glorious trip even with a little extra baggage. Isn’t that what travel is for? I am always looking for the next meal when I travel and don’t bother with counting calories until I am home.

    I suppose you are accustomed to flying first class instead of cattle call Southwest. Chuckle! Still I am surprised you had not flown SW before. But I guess it has changed since the days when the stewardesses (now flight attendants!) wore those orange hot pants uniforms in the 1970s. I think the last time I flew SW was into Oakland and it went well.

    We have had more rain here also so my two rain barrels are full and things are green. A cool front came in today. The low in the morning will be 59 and the high will be 81. It must be even cooler in your hills. I look forward to reading of your adventures in the Land of the Leaves! Husband is doing well, thank you. I have told him all about you and he envies your travels as I do. Take care and rest from your travels!

  15. Hello thanks for visiting my blog and for the like, the comment and the follow. I see that your travels have recently brought you to Victoria B.C. I live 40 minutes north of there. You captured the Empress experience beautifully. Cheers and happy adventuring to you.

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