The Yellow Brick Road


Though it has been said time and time again, it must be said again:

Oh you are the best friends anybody ever had, and its funny,

but I feel if as if I’d known you all the time, but I couldn’t have, could I ?”


We’re off to see Virginia, The Wonderful Virginia of Bel’ Occhio’s Blog.
You’ll find she is a whiz of a Wiz! If ever a Wiz! there was.
If ever oh ever a Wiz! there was Virginia of Bel’ Occhio’s Blog is one because,
Because, because, because, because, because.
Because of the wonderful things she does and creates and writes and paints and plants and cooks……….oh my!

We’re off to see Virginia. The Wonderful Wizard of Bel’ Occhio’s Blog……… Also known as The Goddess of the Rainbow…..The Iris Goddess

Recently The Tin Man and his Spouse ventured off on a two week train trip across beautiful Canada.

Their trip began in Niagara Falls and they trekked across the woodlands and plains, then over and through the majestic Rocky Mountains..

as they traveled each day brought them closer and closer to Virginia.

Virginia, known only through her most amazing blog: BEL’ OCCHIO’S – The Beautiful Eye


Tin Man and Spouse were all a dither when they finally arrived in Vancouver to Meet Virginia and the Good Husband

The day arrived ………..the elevator door opened and so it was begun…

…the Friendship of a Lifetime……..Hugs that did not want to be released…..

Arms tucked together like lost lovers in the side streets of Paris….

Giggles and Whispers……..Eyes Moist with Emotion…

so it began….

Here is the Story in Virginia’s Words…..CLICK ME

After a delightful respite with coffee on the patio of the hotel, we ventured off to the Center of Oz

FINALLY, I enter into the magical world I have seen on Virginia’s Blog…..

Canada 672Canada 703Canada 679

Oh, to be surrounded by Paris……every nook, every detail……a personal touch…..creations all by the hand of Virginia….marvelous

The Good Husband has built Ships………ships on which we can carry our dreams and desires….

Canada 681

This Parisian Refuge is tucked in the Canadian Countryside…..lush and green, a place where human sustenance begins….

On the Back Patio…..a Garden Bed, in which to lounge and read as Oswald The Gentleman Rabbit comes to visit….pure magic, I say, pure magic lives here….

Canada 712

We began on the Front Patio…..with fresh baked scones, prepared by The Good Husbands….

Canada 678Canada 677Canada 680Canada 682

We spoke of Theadora Wizard of the magic kingdom of PARIS: PEOPLE, PLACES AND BLING!

 and our friend Goddess of the Beach THE COASTAL CRONE

There were even Poppies…..not the Poison Kind, after all this is real life – not the movie!

img_1157 img_1166

Story after Story……..Laugh after Laugh……..Introspection after Introspection….the bond was formed

Canada 687images6A5EC9NHCanada 685Canada 686

but……… was time…….The Culinary Goddess began her Magic…..

Canada 702

She pulled out her Magic Wand and we were under her spell….

Silence and Let the Magic Work…

Canada 706

It was if The Good Husband and Virginia entered into a beautiful Viennese Waltz….and allowed us to join them….

Canada 707Canada 700Canada 697Canada 711

The Magical Elixir was produced….a Grand Cru ’81 Margaux….oh my…

Canada 684IMG_1149

Canada 698

The Rooms filled with the Fragrances of the Culinary Magic and the air felt as if it was filled with Fairy Dust…

Canada 714

Check out the menu and recipes CLICK HERE

The enchanting table inviting us to sit……..we, hesitant knowing that the day was coming to an end….

Canada 716

Then The Magical Culinary Goddess produced Humming Bird Cake……baked especially for the Tin Man because Virginia remembered that Mother of Tin Man made this when he was a wee tot…such love….

Canada 713

We lingered as long as we could …..our embraces new again….one last look back and there was the faithful Buddha holding a flower in his lap for our safe travel, as always…

Canada 719

Never, Ever, Ever…….in my wildest dreams did I ever think that a blog would lead me down The Yellow Brick Road of Life to find soul mates waiting at the end!

Never turn away from the gifts that life brings you, for they are abundant..

To Virginia and The Good Husband……..our Most Dear and Marvelous New Friends,

Thank You for Such Beautiful Memories!

Canada 675

If you want to read more about this day, here are Virginia’s Stories….





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  1. Tinny of my Tinny – I can barely see to write through my tears. To read about our day through your deeply emotional words is to relive it again and again. In all this world – inside and outside Oz – did any of us ever believe that something so glorious, so joyful – could happen to the four of us.
    Would that every one we know experience such moments of supreme happiness. Mr. Tin Man and Augustine – I know where the rainbow ends. It is where you are. XX OO V.

    • Dearest Virginia, I will admit that the emotions raised to the surface as I wrote this entry and tears streamed down my cheeks at several intervals. I shall never forget our first embrace (ha–sounds like lovers) and walking arm-in-arm through the hotel lobby. Our day in your lovely home was perfection defined. Were that we were younger, I do believe we would have skipped down the road singing “we’re off to see the wizard….”

      What fun we had and how marvelous to know each other now!
      Hugs and Kisses and may your days be filled with laughter, joy, flowers and that wonderful husband of yours.

      XX OO e&a

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  3. Tin Man. I feel as if I have traveled that Yellow Brick Road with you – thank you for sharing and letting me tag along at least in spirit and remembering me in your moment of joy. The photos and words have brought it all to life. Virginia’s home is truly a magical place filled inside and out with treasures. You and Augustine were indeed fortunate to have experienced it. Virginia was lovely and looked as if she just stepped in from the streets of Paris.

    I am reminded again of an old Chinese proverb: “An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break.” I honored to have meet you both! Hugs!!!!!

    • Oh, Jo Nell……… were with us….that red thread has connected us and as you say, it will never break. I am so happy you have enjoyed this visit. We are still giddy (as you can tell) from the experience! It does seem so quite surreal. Should Virginia and Larry come to visit us, you must make the trek up to spend time with us………can’t you see the blog posts then!!!

      Thank you for your friendship and kindness, always.

  4. Gosh. What gorgeous photographs. What gorgeous people. Again, glamorous! Love was in the air. I’ve been enjoying the reports from the glittering yellow brick road. YES. I’m also green with envy. But happy, too. Any surprise moments during the visit? You all look so comfortable together. Did you learn anything new about each other? Beautiful, Monsieur Tin Man. What a treat! It was also wonderful seeing the good husbands! Big Hugs, Theadora (I love Virginia’s Eiffel Tower collection!)

    • Oh Theadora, are you not growing tired of our constant gushing on! We are still over the moon happy about meeting. The good husbands got on famously and Augustine fell under Virginia’s culinary spell immediately. It is funny, but to me there were no surprises… really did feel that we had known each other all the time. Dreams really do come true.

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