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Well the Tin Man has been sitting still much too long and it is time to start planning the next trip.

I have decided that it is time to enlist the advice and thoughts of all you wonderful, wonderful, people I have met in the blogging world.

I am going to list our itinerary as it currently stands and ask if you would, please, give me any and all input you have of the cities listed and any wonderful sights that are a MUST SEE

Please include restaurants, as you know that I love to blog about food!

I so appreciate your input!

Lisbon, Portugal

Barcelona, Spain

Marseille, France

Nice – Monaco

Pisa, Italy

Grosetto, Italy

Naples, Italy

Villa San Giovanne, Italy

Marsala, Sicily

Valletta, Malta

Messina, Sicily

Brindisi, Italy

Patras, Greece

Athens, Greece

Frankfurt, Germany

If I have missed any places that you would suggest, please let me know.
The route was planned using the EuroRail routes and therefore is very flexible

The only absolutes are:  Portugal, Sicily, Malta………and of course Frankfurt…there is no way I could be in Europe and not set foot in the Father Land!
I so appreciate your input!!!!

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    • Oh my dearest Theadora………..It shall be spring! In retrospect, I suppose posting this was a bad idea………..I have lost followers and I suppose most are here in the blogging world to take information not to give………….oh well……..I so admire those with whom I have interacted and though perhaps this could have been fun. Thank you for sticking by me! Perhaps I should dash it all and come to Paris!!!

  1. Alas, I cannot give you information/advice on these wonderful places! But there are so many out there who have traveled to these destinations who should be willing to share. We had considered a fall trip to Italy but will have to settle for another trip to San Francisco and the northern coast. Hmm…perhaps I should have asked your advice for Italy! I shall look forward to tales of your spring trip – always a pleasure! Happy planning to you!

  2. Sounds like this could be a great trip. The only recommendation that I would make is to skip Frankfurt and go to Muenchen (Munich)…though I realize you might have a reason for visiting the city. Frankfurt is a commercial center while Muenchen is a cultural center which to me makes it more appealing. Having lived and worked in the city I’d have a ton of recommendations for your enjoyment.

    • We just spent a week in Munich last year and have not been to Frankfurt in a few years, that is the reason I picked that city. I only spend time in the old center when in Frankfurt. If you have some time give me a few of your Muenchen highlights…….you may pursuade me to change the plans!!!

  3. It sounds like a terrific trip. I tend to agree with Jed…I love Munich. We are going back on our trip to Europe in October. No matter how often I have been there, which is a lot…I still enjoy the city. It makes a wonderful base for visiting other areas in Bavaria. I love the Munich airport as well.

  4. I think you are a man who loves whimsy. You would love anything in Barcelona done by the architect Gaudî (that should be an accent over the i).
    The Parc Guell alone is worth the trip. I can’t describe how delightful and amazing it is, but alas, haven’t found photos on the web that are equal to conveying what it feels like to be there. Then there is the Sagrada Familia (his major opus, the cathedral, unfinished and probably never to be finished) and his apartment buildings, etc. The Opera House, I forgot! There’s also sun and sea and good food, especially tapas, but it’s the Gaudi that does it for me.

  5. Hi – this trip looks amazing! I don’t know if it is too late, but I have some advice for some of the places that you would like to visit. I’ve linked some previous posts if you need restaurant suggestions and activities! Hope it helps!

    – Do a free Gaudi Architecture tour to see his amazing designs
    – Visit La Sagrada and soak in all it’s beauty
    – Chill out at Barceloneta, the beach district
    – Walk through Las Ramblas

    – Old Town and the castle has amazing views!

    – Visit Old Town, but you can also use Nice as a base to travel other parts of the French Riviera such as Grasse and St Tropez.
    – I suggest popping over to Lyon for good food experience or to visit the Notre Dame on top of the mountain!

    Happy travels!

    • Christine…………THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You are such a great traveler and I so enjoy your posts. Your advice is wonderful and I am going to print out your posts and put them in my travel packet! Thanks again for taking the time to share your experiences with me! I so very, very appreciate it.

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