Wolff’s Apple House


The road to Wolff’s Apple House is a bit windy and littered with wine bottles…….

……at least the road  Tin Man took to get there is!


You see Tin Man lives in Texas and Wolff’s is in Media, Pennsylvania

One evening (while enjoying wine with The Equestrian Wizard) Tin Man notice a large alien pod lying in the kitchen


…thinking that perhaps too many glasses of Chardonnay had been consumed……

…….. or that the Munchkins had returned to claim their planet

one had to find the origin of this giant pod. ……… A HUBBARD SQUASH!!!

Well it was my very first encounter with such a beast and my culinary mind began to wonder what one would do with such a thing.

Okay……..anyways……….back to Wolff’s….off we went on our journey to visit the Mystical – Magical – Mary of Media

……the second nor’easter of the season was blowing in and the promise of winds and snow were in our immediate future!

AHHHHHHH………Gingerbread Hubbard Squash Soup……..says The Tin Man, with all the confidence of a world renowned Chef, inspiring confidence in the small group huddled around!

“We shall go to Wolff’s and obtain this Hubbard Squash,” announces Jim, husband of Mary…

YIKES………. they think I know what to do with this Beast!

It was easy…..I just thought…….WHAT WOULD VIRGINIA DO?……You know Virginia of Bel’ Occhio’s Blog …..

…..NO!!!        Then click on it and go visit…she is a CHARM!!   With all the confidence of Virginia, the Culinary Goddess,

I set forth on my quest…….

Wolff’s Apple House has been supplying local residents with farm fresh produce since 1910, four generations of Wolff’s have dedicated themselves to this mighty task and the goodies all come from farms within a 50 mile radius. 

Such an amazing place! 


Several acres filled to the brim with marvelous, fresh produce, flowers, herbs, spices and did I mention baked goods!


We returned home and with all the confidence of a Master Chef, The Tin Man created

Gingerbread Hubbard Squash Soup topped with Pumpkin Oil


It was a wonderful evening and to the Tin Man’s great surprise the soup was very good and left a smile on everyone’s face

We loved Wolff’s so very much that we went back and shipped a case of apples

back to Oz in Texas and are still enjoying them!

Thanks for the confidence, Virginia!

Miss you Jim & Mary………until next time……

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  1. The Hubbard squash in my pantry was shaking. Something in the World of the Hubbard squash was happening. Magic at the stove. Tin Man at his finest, waving spatulas and tongs like magic wands. A soupcon of this, a dash of than, voila. Dinner! Bon Appetit all friends of my Tin Man.

  2. NOTA BENE; “But Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man that he didn’t, didn’t already have.”
    You’ve always had the ability, and it shows in every line you write, every word you speak. V.

    • You are too very kind my dearest Virginia! I really did think of you when I had committed myself to transform this beast into some sort of culinary creation! I used ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice and of course …………..TRUFFLE BUTTER. Thank you for your kind words, you continue to inspire me.

  3. Ah. Lovely memories that assuage the holiday morose- bidity. Love to visit with you both with holiday “stuff” on display. The cottage awaits thee. MMM and JGH

    • Let not the holiday morose envelope thee!!! Grab your Framily Cup and fill it with the essence of roasted coffee beans or better yet fill it to the brim with bubbly Prosecco and dance with Lily until Sir Winston begins to howl with delight. Eat chocolate bon bons and run about in your panties in front of the window for all to see. You must channel your inner elf and play havoc upon the land!

      • Inner elf?! One of your better replies, dear heart. CC just left; drank the bubbly out of Framily cups. Drank and watched the dancing flames in mesmerizing fireplace and spoke of dear friends, E/ A. Yr cottage needs Xmas decorations– come soon. MMM

  4. These days, whenever I create a dish, make a wreath or kick down the yellow cobblestones, I simply channel my inner Tin Man and Virginia—and click my heels and count my lucky stars. Both of you inspire me on a daily basis. MERCI.T. (Monsieur Tin Man, your photographs are beauties. I can almost smell your Gingerbread Hubbard Squash Soup! I love the pumpkin oil touch.)

    • Theadora………..you are much too kind! Virginia and I so very appreciate your kind words and we too are inspired by you! Should that someday we three be able to share a glass of bubbly on the Champs Elysees or some small tucked away jewel that you have discovered. The photos were easy to be beautiful, the place was so very magical and I so wanted to continue my time there to smell the richeness of the incredible produce, untouched by wax coatings. The soup was quite good (so glad, because I was afraid it was going to be a disaster and I would be tossed out into the cold!!!) En vous souhaitant le meilleur aujourd’hui et tous partout dans la Saison de Jour férié, mon cher ami!

    • It is a wonderful place and the produce is fresh, fresh, fresh! The Hubbard Squash does look like some sort of alien pod and does NOT look as if it should be eaten. It was quiet good, despite its looks.

  5. I enjoyed visiting Wolff’s apple house with you. Bravo for cooking a Hubbard squash. My friend used to cook one every Thanksgiving. She would always drop it on the ground to split it open…she said it was the easiest way.

    • lol………You are toooooo funny………we did buy one of each color and made marvelous soups with them; however, they did not provide the proper fodder for the post! Thank you for making me laugh!

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